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Community Information

This page provides project-related information that would be of interest to the community such as how to get involved and stay informed about project progress.


Proposed munitions response sites (MRS) boundaries from the 2013 remedial investigation (RI) report for the Ruby Gulch Range Complex as referenced in both the public notice and MRSPP tables.

Ruby Gulch MRSPP Public Notice

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers seeks public input on the Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol for Ruby Gulch Range Complex can be viewed here.

Ruby Gulch Range Complex - Impact Areas can be viewed here.

Ruby Gulch Range Complex - Landmine Areas can be viewed here.

Ruby Gulch Range Complex can be viewed here.

Munitions response activities are continuing in area throughout the former Camp Hale area to identify and address any identified historical military munitions.

On-going Community Information & Activities
The web site is updated periodically to reflect current project activities. The Administrative Record/Information Repository at the Lake County Public Library is updated as needed with the latest project documents.

Upcoming Community Involvement Activities
Information sheets on the Camp Hale Munitions Response Project are prepared periodically and made available to local communities, interested people, and on the web site.

Currently, the USACE is implementing an Interim Risk Management Plan (IRMP) for areas of Camp Hale where historical military munitions or evidence of military munitions remaining from past DoD operations have been identified. The IRMP specifies controls for use and/or access to areas to limit potential exposure to historical military munitions. The IRMP also includes a strategy to inform users of the potential for military munitions to be in an area, and instruct users what to do when a suspected munitions item is encountered.  The IRMP will be in place until a final remedy is implemented. More details on the IRMP can be found on the Munitions Response Activities page. An IRMP is available to the public for informational purposes at the information repository.

Past Community Involvement Information & Activities
Since August 2000, articles about munitions-related activities performed at Camp Hale have appeared in various local newspapers, three television interviews were conducted, and two public meetings were held. Community interviews were conducted during the weeks of January 27, 2003 and February 3, 2003 as part of developing a Community Involvement Plan for ordnance-related work to be done at Camp Hale. This Plan outlines information outreach for the project and can be reviewed at the Administrative Record location or on the Project Documents page. Additional interviews with area users were conducted in September 2009 as part of the IRMP communication strategy development.

Administrative Record Information

See information on the Project Information page.