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This page presents safety-related information that visitors to Camp Hale should be familiar with and strictly follow while enjoying the National Forest areas that are within the Camp Hale boundaries.

3 "Rs" of Munitions Safety


Munitions come in many shapes and sizes:

  • Some will look new while others will look old and rusty.
  • Some will look like bullets or bombs and can be small or large in size.
  • Some will look like pointed metal pipes, soda cans, small balls, or even an old car muffler.

If you found something that could be a munition, leave it alone and leave the area. It does not matter how old, rusty, new, or shiny the item may look, munitions are dangerous and could injure or kill you. Don’t take any chances – leave it alone.


If you found something that could be a munition, report what you saw and where you saw it to the U.S. Forest Service, Holy Cross District (970-827-5715) or Leadville District (719-486-0749, Eagle County Sheriff’s Department (970-328-8500), or Lake County Sheriff’s Department (719-486-1249). If you have a GPS unit with you, note the approximate coordinates of the item’s location. Reporting it can save another person from injury or death.

Camp Hale was used as a military training site for many years. Both practice and live munitions were used in this training. During the time period that Camp Hale was used, it was common to assume that a certain number of live munitions fired would be “duds”. In other words, some of the munitions fired did not function as designed and remain hazardous. These munitions could be present anywhere within the Camp Hale project area and potentially can cause injury or death if encountered and disturbed in a manner that causes the item to explode.

Training and practice munitions may also be hazardous. These munitions can contain a type of spotting charge that simulates explosive impact. The spotting charge can vary from a few grains of black powder to several pounds of high explosive. NEVER assume that “training” or “practice” means a munition item is safe to touch. Even the least sensitive items may explode if exposed to careless and improper handling.

It is important to remember that military munitions were designed to destroy military supplies and equipment, and to kill or maim people. Regardless of their age, munition items retain their hazardous and dangerous nature. Leave the handling of munitions to the trained experts who can assess the item and make the area safe.

The authorities to contact if you find anything suspicious are:

  • US Forest Service, Holy Cross Ranger District at 970-827-5715
  • US Forest Service, Leadville Ranger District at 719-486-0749
  • Eagle County Sheriff’s Department at 970-328-8500
  • Lake County Sheriff’s Department at 719-486-1249

Munitions Examples

81mm Mortar

Tail Boom from 3.5" Rocket

Smoke Grenade